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Bergen Community College electric car update: Mid Fall 2018

Electric motor in the engine bay.

A lot of skill is need to work on a project like this...  Electrical, Mechanical, fabrication, and Design.   How do I welcome in new students to the project each year?  Training...  I have developed a system of prerequisites to get students up to speed.  I call it the 4 Corners of Engineering.  Maybe you can use this in your class...  Click the link to read more.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Kassem Al Huiseen, an alumni of MHS, made the local news!

Kassem Al Huiseen, an MHS alumni, made the local news this past summer. (sorry for the late post) He and his classmates at Bergen Community College, have reached a project milestone. They have assembled and tested an electric vehicle drive train. As you may know I am the f actuality adviser on this project and I am very proud of their work.


Pictured above from left to right, is Armando Pepin; Michael Lopez; Maria Lancheros; Ron Grosinger (club supervisor); Kassem Alhussein; and Mark Balzarette (Manufacturing Lab Supervisor).

Having an electric vehicle project at a college is becoming more common as we see STEM programs increase in participation. I would attribute this excitement to the STEM programs being "Hands on" and open to diverse majors. Building projects with their hands gives students a chance to get excited about an engineering career.

Here is a link to the article... (FYI the article was written by an MHS alumni as well!)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How do Bicycle Cable Brakes work?

How do Bicycle Cable Brakes work?

My former student, Antonio Rios, has made this artistic diagram.

Check out his blog for more drawings...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Copper Wire Motorcycle

Copper Wire Motorcycle

This model was crafted by my student Deivi Suazo.  He sculpted this model from copper stands.  I love it!  Check out his blog explaining how he made this.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to assemble a small engine by my student... Ashley Rodriguez

Q: Okay the cam gear is in place, what do we do next? 

A: As you can see in the photo that the pencil is pointing on an indent on the gear. We are going to time both gears together. Meaning, the silver gear has a dot, we are going to match the indented gear with the silver gears dot.

Q: How is it suppose to look like ?
Read more of Ashley's blog...

Friday, August 21, 2015

How to fix a classic "Lyon" spot welded stool by my student... Granit Gashi

Q:how does it look when you spot weld it?

A: The spot weld was easy all I had to do was put some clamps on it and hold it till I weld one spot and then remove them for the second weld until I did about 4 welds.

Q: Whats next???

Read more about how my student, Granit, repaired this classic "Lyon Stool". You can see this type of stool at Starbucks (retro look) or industrial workshops. Click here...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2008 Suzuki GZ250 Head Gasket Replacement... by my student Jimmy Munguia

Question: What do you have here?

A: Well to start off, this is my 2008 Suzuki GZ250 motorcycle. It looks beautiful compare to how it was before. I got everything painted even the engine. I want to show you how to disassemble the engine to get the head gasket off, with the help of my teacher Mr. Grosinger. I have a blown head gasket so I will show you some steps on how to get the head gasket replaced.

Question: What is the first thing you did?


Read more about Jimmy's step by step head gasket replacement...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The MHS electric car project of 2009 lives on!!!

Recently, the Verona (NJ) Environmental Commission got in touch with me. They invited me to display the electric car we build at MHS, at their Green Fair this past Saturday. This was an honor and a surprise for me. I love any opportunity to show the work of our students.

Question: Who went with you?

Ron: On the left of the photo, next to the car, is Mark Balzarette, an adjunct professor Bergen Community College.  Mark spent time upgraded one of the battery hold downs.  In the middle is Kassem, a former student from Memorial HS in West New York, NJ.  On the end is me, Ron Grosinger.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apple Iphone Charger... by my student Julio Bello

In my "Engineering Drawing" class I use Solidworks CAD to introduce product design.  One of the assignments I give, is to measure and recreate a product.  It must have less that 5 parts and at least one moving part.  Electronics are usual not a good pick as they have so many internal parts... but in some cases, if a student stays on the outside, then there are very few parts.  In this blog post you will see how one of my students handled replicating an Apple product.

Q: So, Julio, how many parts of the charger did you make?

A: Technically i made three,but each part took several different commands and shapes to make. If I didnt have such a good understanding of solidworks it would have been difficult, but I'm no master, I could always do beter and learn more.

Check it out the full blog post at...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welding can be the lighting of a fire!



I say would add that once the fire is lit... gathering their own fuel is key to self sufficiency. Making and publishing student blogs is part of the steps towards connecting with supportive people.

One person I have in mind who has been an inspiration to young girls learning to weld is Jessi Combs.

Quick story on how Jessi helped my student be a better welder. When I introduced my student Xitlaly to welding, I gave her the gloves all the guys in the class use. These did not fit her. The fingers drooped over, which looked like clown clothes. She could not feel the trigger on the MIG torch. As you may know, welding comfort and position is linked to accuracy and safety. I stopped right there to think... there must be a better way.

I knew that there were popular female welders... So maybe they could offer me a solution. I looked up Jessi Combs. Turns out Jessi has a line of welding gloves specific to women's hand sizes. This was a no brainer. I bought 3 sizes online. When they arrived I brought them in to school for Xitlaly to try. She found a perfect match and got straight into laying her first beads. Check out this photo from her first day!!!

I don't know if this is the result of my teaching or the talent of my student...  in this case I think its the student.  Thank you Jessi Combs for enabling young girls to weld.  And thank you to my student Xitlaly for trying a new tool in the workshop.  Read and see more of Xitaly's welding on her blog post.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From real object, to Solid CAD model... by my Student, Kelly Coca

Can a toy Gyro, balancing on a finger, inspire a student to pursue an engineering career?

While learning the tools of engineering, my student Kelly Coca, imported a Gyro into the Solidworks CAD program.  Read her blog post as she answers questions on how she imported the measurements...

Friday, March 20, 2015

What is Civil Engineering? Writting by my student, Mark Serrano

What is Civil Engineering career?  My student Mark Serrano starts his journey.

Photo Credit: New York State Thruway Authority

Check out Mark's blog post. Maybe you can help him on his journey to a Civil Engineering Career.

#civilengineering #newnybridge

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welding Cart... customized by Memorial HS student, Eli Daza

In my shop class, Eli Daza, took on this project of assembling a Welding Cart.  To kick it up a notch...  he added custom paint stripes after assembling it.  Check it out!