Sunday, May 31, 2015

The MHS electric car project of 2009 lives on!!!

Recently, the Verona (NJ) Environmental Commission got in touch with me. They invited me to display the electric car we build at MHS, at their Green Fair this past Saturday. This was an honor and a surprise for me. I love any opportunity to show the work of our students.

Question: Who went with you?

Ron: On the left of the photo, next to the car, is Mark Balzarette, an adjunct professor Bergen Community College.  Mark spent time upgraded one of the battery hold downs.  In the middle is Kassem, a former student from Memorial HS in West New York, NJ.  On the end is me, Ron Grosinger.

Question: How did you get the car there?


Ron:  Using Bergen Community College to charge up, we drove the electric car 20 miles from Paramus to Verona.

Question: Besides charging up, did you do anything else at Bergen Community College with the car?

Ron:  Yes...  The car has been a visiting project at Bergen Community College.  The STEM students and Faculty got a chance to look over and repair parts of the car for better driving. We even displayed the car at BCC's STEM day.

Question: OK, Ok, back to the Verona Green Fair.  Who else was at the fair?

Ron: We were in good company at the Verona Green Fair on Saturday. Liberty Science Center and the NJ Electric Auto Association were there with us displaying Green Technology.  The NJEAA (NJ Electric Auto Association) was represented by Michael and Pamela Thwaite. They brought their Tesla Roadster.  Liberty Science Center had engaging playful tech for the kids to enjoy.

Question:  Do you have any video?

Ron: Yes we have video...  Verona Environment Commission did a short video.

Question: How did Verona find you?

Ron: Good question...  I didn't know, so I asked them...

"I found your info online, website/facebook. Also, we invited the Liberty Science Center to the fair, and I saw that you did some presentations for them in the past. " -Gloria Machnowski, Verona Environmental Commission

Question: Ok, So...  What is next?

In the car, left to right...  Isamara, Ron, and Kassem
Ron:  Next up, the car will go back to West New York, NJ to be displayed inside their Middle School. Some of the BCC STEM students and WNY Alumni will talk about the car at an up coming Career Fair on June 5th. As you know the car was originally converted by High School students in West New York, NJ.

Update: Here is a photo of the electric car in the WNY Middle School auditorium.  I will make a blog post about the career fair soon...

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