Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apple Iphone Charger... by my student Julio Bello

In my "Engineering Drawing" class I use Solidworks CAD to introduce product design.  One of the assignments I give, is to measure and recreate a product.  It must have less that 5 parts and at least one moving part.  Electronics are usual not a good pick as they have so many internal parts... but in some cases, if a student stays on the outside, then there are very few parts.  In this blog post you will see how one of my students handled replicating an Apple product.

Q: So, Julio, how many parts of the charger did you make?

A: Technically i made three,but each part took several different commands and shapes to make. If I didnt have such a good understanding of solidworks it would have been difficult, but I'm no master, I could always do beter and learn more.

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