Monday, February 10, 2014

Go-Kart throttle design

Hello teachers and students,

Last year in my public school class, we worked on a Go-Kart.  Not the whole Kart...  just the throttle. The assignment was to transfer a drivers foot motion pushing the "gas" pedal, to the turning motion on the throttle at the carburetor.  I did not design the solution for the students... I simply set the parameters and then stayed back.  Click "Read More" to see this project.

To start out, below is close up photo of how the students solved this challenge.

This is a bolt modified to be a "cable stop".

As you can see the students idea was to drill the bolt and weld on a wing nut.

This is my drawing of the students solution.  Although this is my drawing, I must state that I did not design this.  In the face of a challenge, the student's used the tools and parts available.

So?  How did they create this solution?  I will let the students portfolio tell the story.

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